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Inmates in Correctional Facilities

Prisoners by Type of Offense

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1. Drive by yourself: North 2 high to the north, transfer to Zhongshan Expressway and continue to the north end of the road. → After exiting the Daye Tunnel, drive right → Lower East Coast Viaduct → Turn right → Go to Renyi Road (the same road) ) Take Dongming Road → (next to Keelung Court) turn left → go to Chongfa Street → go straight to the office.

2. Take the bus to the office and take the following transportation and get off at Keelung District Court.
a. Keelung City Bus: 201, 202, 203, 107.
b. Keelung passenger transport: 788 Keelung - the gourd stone line.
c. Metropolitan Passenger Transport: 2088 (Taipei) City Transit Station - Ba Douzi.

3. Take the Taitung Railway train to Keelung Railway Station, take the Keelung City Bus or Taxi and get off at Keelung District Court Station.

4. Take the high-speed rail or Taiwan Railway to Taipei Railway Station, transfer to the MRT Bannan Line to the Shifu Transfer Station, and then transfer to Metropolitan Passenger Transport: 2088 to get off at Keelung District Court.

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