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reception informaiton

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  • Last updated:2023-05-10
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The inmates are isolated in Dentention Center. For Exchanging messages from people outside jail, they have some limited rights to get visit. They can still exchange information from their family and friends. The visitors who come to visit them should obey the rules.

Here are rulues for an visit.


  1. Visitors should bring the personal ID Card checked by door guard. Then visitors follow the instructions painted on buildings to the visit room.

    2.When you arrive the visit room, please tell the clerk the number and the name of the inmate, and please have your personal ID Card checked and registered.

    3. If the family members want to bring food to the inmate, the limited weight of food 2 kg. Dried food and fruit are preferred and they should be easy to be checked. Before bringing the food inside, please fill in the form at the registration desk.

    4. After you finish the procedures of visit registration, please wait at the visit room. We’ll take the inmate there as soon as possible. You are welcome to use the facilities –a television, newspapers, magazines, public telephones, books.

    5. If the family members want to deposit money for the inmate, NT$8000 is the maximum. If you want to shop for the inmate at the simple canteen, NT$2000 per day. Please follow the procedures at the visit registration desk.

    6. Before you leave, please take your belongings away. Notice that you cannot give gifts or money to the detention staff(correctional officer). The above behaviors is not allowed.

How to applying for a Long-range-visit?

  • Applicant’s qualification: If the one of the following situations happens to the inmate’s spouse, lineal ascendants or descendants, collateral relatives within the third degree, and relatives by affinity within the second degree.

    ★Because of the serious disease or disability, cannot register for the visit from far away.
    ★over 50 years old.
    ★Suffering from the natural disaster, serious accident, or other emergencies, need to contact with the inmate immediately.


  •  Methods of application: Providing the related documents (personal ID Card or the household certificate) and send it to the correction institution by certified mail or fax.


  • Rules of Application and Visit.

    ★It is allowed to apply for the long-range-visit once a week, and the limited time is 30 minutes. With the special reasons or approved by the head of the institution are not included.

    ★If the inmate is forbidden to have visit or receive letters, or still under the check because of illegal behavior, the long-range-visit will not be accepted.

    ★ To apply for the first long-range-visit, you should fill in the application form and send it to the correction institution by certified mail or fax one week beforehand as top priority. After the application is approved, the applicant will be informed the date and time of the visit by phone, letter or email.

    ★ Before having the long-range-visit, if the inmate has illegal behavior or other reasons, the visit will be canceled. The applicant and the closer responsible organization of the long-range-visit will be informed by phone or email.

    ★ After the long-range-visit is approved, the applicant should bring the papers to the closer responsible organization and fill in the long-range-visit registration form. Failing to have the long-range-visit for three times, you will not be able to apply for it again within the following three months.

        If the following situation happens, the closer responsible organization can turn down the visit: not bringing the personal ID Card. having suspicious behavior. being under the influence of alcohol, having mental illness or without registration, the applicant can not visit the inmate.


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