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Keelung Detention Center, Corrections Department, Ministry of Justice hold "Timely Rain~Aid for Prisoners' High-Caring Families

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  • Last updated:2021-05-28
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According to the “Family Support and Aid Family Promotion Program” of the Correctional Services Department, the “Timely Rain ~ Aid Prisoners’ Caring Family Program”. Through the cooperative screening model of site supervisors, individual supervisors and social workers, we actively care about the welfare of the inmates. Family status, this can alleviate the inmate’s concern about the family during the sentence, and prevent the family from getting into trouble due to the inmate’s imprisonment through "Love is not hindered-social resource connection". It is also expected that the inmate will feel the warmth of the society and increase relocation. Opportunity for good.

In May of this year, the teaching assistant team has used the Timely Rain program to assist two low-income families. Among them, Axiang’s father is too old to work, and takes care of his children with severe intellectual disabilities alone. His life is barely difficult. In addition to providing timely rain subsidies, the teaching assistant team also links the charity unit to assist the caseworker in repairing the rudimentary environment. The case father is full of gratitude to the firm and the charity unit, and looks forward to having spare time in the future to help other people who are equally struggling.

Another inmate, A Jun, and his three underage children entrusted their aunts to guardianship, a social worker

On Mother’s Day, she took the initiative to care when she asked for a kiss face-to-face, and found that the retired aunt usually relies on social subsidies to support the client's life, and the aunt has an independent and strong personality, so she is under great pressure. The counselor had a home visit meeting with the social worker, assisted the aunt to shift the focus of life to taking care of herself first, and guided the aunt to find a way to help Ajun cultivate a sense of responsibility. In addition to thanking the firm for the timely rain subsidies, the aunt also felt warm and heartfelt for the dedication of the firm.

We know that every prisoner’s family has its own story, which needs to be understood and inherited by the society. With the "Timely Rain Program" and "Love Unobstructed Resource Connection", it can not only help the case family to tide over the difficulties, but also promote their self. Self-confidence, positively face the difficulties in life, can be self-reliant.

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