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Keelung Detention Center, Corrections Department, Ministry of Justice Love in the Cloud-Electronic Family Contact Book and Mobile Access"

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  • Last updated:2021-05-28
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According to the “Family Support and Aid Family Promotion Program” of the Correctional Services Department, the “Love in the Cloud-Electronic Family Contact Book Program” is implemented by social workers and psychologists to evaluate and select suitable prisoners, considering that the eldest daughter of the prisoner Asengqi often cries at home She said she couldn't see her father, and Ah Sheng's wife often felt distressed and exhausted to comfort her eldest daughter. The social worker and psychologist actively encouraged and assisted the wife to apply for an electronic contact book.

One night after Ah Sheng’s wife was busy with the children’s living at home, thinking of Ah Sheng, she uploaded photos and texts to the family contact book. On the one hand, Ah Sheng was relieved of her worries about the child, and on the other hand, he could safely shut down. imprisonment. The social worker also assisted Ah Sheng in viewing the electronic family liaison book in the institution, and observed that when Ah Sheng saw the photos of his children, he fell into the memories of the family relationship. The electronic family liaison book not only broke the outside world's cold and serious stereotype of the prison at that moment, but also It also adds warmth to Ashin's heart.

Considering the factors of the epidemic, the family members themselves have also applied for "mobile interviews" online. This service can not only help the wife of the case save the labor of laborious visits, but also protect themselves in a severe epidemic. The wife of the case really appreciates the design of "Mobile Interview" and even hopes to increase the number of monthly mobile interviews to benefit more families of the inmates!

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