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Keelung Detention Center Family relationship does not stop.We continues to promote the mobile interview system

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  • Last updated:2021-08-18
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In order to improve the convenience of receiving family members, the Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice has developed a mobile interview system to allow family members of inmates to conduct video and audio interviews with the inmates through personal mobile vehicles, avoiding family fatigue and saving the time of going to the agency for interviews in person And transportation costs to strengthen the family relationship of the host. Since the establishment of a set of mobile access system equipment in the 2020, the firm started to use it in January 2021. So far, a total of 177 pieces have been processed. The Exchange continues to promote the use of the mobile access system. For relevant specifications and operating instructions, please refer to the attachment below. If you have any operational questions, please refer to the content of the mobile access system announcement area of ​​the Exchange.


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