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Keelung Detention Center organized "Employment Restart" group counseling activities

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  • Last updated:2022-01-04
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   In order to strengthen the prisoners’ awareness of the orientation of the employment market, provide the latest employment information, so that the prisoners can quickly return to society after leaving the prison, and promote the rehabilitation protection business. The firm, together with the Keelung Branch of the Taiwan Rehabilitation Protection Association and Keelung Employment Center, will conduct employment and re-departure counseling activities on the morning of January 3, 2022. The target of counseling is the detainees who are about to go out of the institution after the expiry of the implementation period. It is hoped that through the counseling and connection of the rehabilitation protection association and the employment center, the mentality adjustment and emotional control of the detainees after leaving the prison will be helped to strengthen the concept of the rule of law to prevent re-criminal and smooth employment. Adapt to society as soon as possible. A total of 9 inmates participated in this activity.

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