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Keelung Detention Center held a team competition

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  • Last updated:2022-09-28
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In order to promote legitimate leisure activities and promote the physical and mental health of the inmates, the Institute will hold the "Group Competition" on September 27, 2022. It is hoped that through the fun and compact competition, the team spirit will be cultivated and the life of the inmates will be comfortable. solution, and then stabilize the mood and serve the sentence with peace of mind.

In this competition, there are 4 people in each group, and a total of 4 groups participated in the competition. During the period, each participant tried their best to win the competition and brainstormed. In order to make the guessers guess the answer quickly, the performers continued to exert their ingenuity and creativity. He was able to stretch his limbs, and in the exclamations and admiration of the audience, the competition was brought to a wave of climaxes, and the scene was full of laughter. Finally, after a fierce competition, the competition result was won by the 2 workshop.

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