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"People's hearts are the steelyard, and the law is the yardstick" - Keelung Detention Center Holds Education on the Rule of Law

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  • Last updated:2023-02-09
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In order to strengthen the concept of the rule of law of the detainees, on February 8, 2012, the firm cooperated with the Keelung Branch of the Rehabilitation and Protection Foundation and the Keelung Branch of the Legal Aid Foundation, and specially invited lawyer Chen Junwen to come to the firm to conduct legal education and publicity, and provided information in the lecture Regarding legal consultation and other related matters for the detainees, the course first introduces how the law is enacted and implemented. It is hoped that by understanding the meaning of the rule of law, students can truly understand how the law should be interpreted and applied. Then the lawyer also shared the cases he had defended, so that the detainees could understand and wake up more easily, avoiding personal misconceptions and breaking the law. All the questions of the detainees could be answered through the explanations of Mr. Chen, which benefited a lot. More than 10 inmates participated in this event.

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