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Keelung Detention Center held a lecture of successful drug rehabilitation in 2021 years

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  • Last updated:2021-03-16
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The Correctional Services Department has promoted the "Scientifically Evidenced Drug Offender Treatment Model Project" since 106. In addition to handling various drug counseling strategies on weekdays, this time we specially invited Mr. Ke Jinbo, a successful person in drug rehabilitation, to come out and talk about the process of drug rehabilitation. Questions and mental processes to help students return to society smoothly.

     He was put in and out of prison for attempted homicide, and then fell into drugs. He has been in and out of prison for 28 years. Now he specializes in counseling "classmates" and rehabilitated people in prison. Ke Jinbo said that many people have helped him in the past, and his life has been completely changed because of his beliefs. The real and motivating testimony moved the inmates present, and even the inmates voluntarily expressed their desire to repent and start a new life. The whole audience felt the motivation to cleanse their lives and start anew. The lecture was attended by 13 staff and 29 inmates.

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