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Keelung Detention Center After the epidemic prevention Education upgrade

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  • Last updated:2020-06-11
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Multi Purpose classroom 1

This institute makes special use of the period during which various activities and teaching courses are stopped due to the epidemic.Improve the educational space of our institute,Dealing with water leakage Re-laying the floor and repairing walls,Add additional bookcases and TV teaching equipment, Make future teaching more flexible.

After the improvement of our multifunctional classroom, Another highlight is the teacher of the famous painting and calligraphy "Mashui City" in Keelung,This work,The portrait of the teacher and the teacher in the correctional institution,Complete life experience at this stage,Successful transformation,Endowed to society。

The epidemic prevention process requires you and me to work together,When I hope to see you again in the future,We all upgrade to better ourselves,To face the hopeful correction education.

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